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Mining For Profits with Gold and Silver Stocks

In 2019, I started to publicly disclose my personal mining picks. At conferences, on Twitter, in interviews—I shared what stocks I was buying with anyone interested. Almost immediately one question came up, and kept coming up: how do you pick your stocks? What makes you think this one or that one could be good? How does anyone pick a mining ...

  • Author : Jeff Clark
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2023-02-03
  • Pages : 150
Volt Rush


The Winners and Losers in the Race to Go Green

In the twentieth century, wealth and power was dictated by access to oil. This century will have different kingmakers, perhaps different wars. 'A remarkably hopeful and useful book...The climate crisis leaves us no choice but to build a new world and as Sanderson makes clear, we are capable of making it a better one than the dirty and dangerous pl...

  • Author : Henry Sanderson
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2022-09-13
  • Pages : 288
Real Solutions To Surreal Risks

Two highly respected global authorities in macro-economic risk and precious metal investing, Egon von Greyerz and Matthew Piepenburg, have co-authored a much-needed examination of gold as an essential wealth preservation asset in a modern setting of unprecedented financial risk. Never before have financial systems been stretched this dangerously th...

  • Author : Matthew Piepenburg
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2022-05-03
  • Pages : 392
The Great Silver Bull

Inflation. Debt. Chaos. Uncertainty. Central planners have blown up the world’s money supply by five times in two decades. Inflation is turning cash into trash. The COVID-19 pandemic triggered an acceleration of money-printing, leading to a reset of the global financial system. Silver is your chance to survive and thrive in the next crisis. ...

  • Author : Peter Krauth
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2022-04-28
  • Pages : 340
A Guide for Boards, Executives, Managers and Investors

Mark Bristow, CEO of Barrick Gold Corporation, is quoted as saying that “No one made any real money during the last super-cycle” because as Jamie Polanski put it “the single-minded pursuit of production was destructive to margins and valuations.” AMC Consultants Principle Peter McCarthy said that “by second guessing th...

  • Author : Craig Hutton
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2022-04-12
  • Pages : 228
Money, Power, and the Traders Who Barter the Earth's Resources

Shortlisted for the Financial Times & McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award An Economist Book of the Year The modern world is built on commodities - from the oil that fuels our cars to the metals that power our smartphones. We rarely stop to consider where they have come from. But we should. The World for Sale lifts the lid on one of the ...

  • Author : Jack Farchy
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2022-04-01
  • Pages : 416
Daniel Jenks 1849-1865

Ride along with Daniel Jenks on his cross country California Gold Rush adventure and see what it was really like to be a '49er back in the Gold Rush Days. This amazing collection of Gold Rush journals was buried in the archives until 2021, read by few and never published. It’s a literary treasure chronicling America’s Gold Rush era in a...

  • Author : Larry Obermesik
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2021-05-27
  • Pages : 670
A Captivating Guide to One of the Most Significant Events in the History of the United States of America and Its Impact on Native American Tribes

More than 300,000 people settled in the previously sparsely populated California. And they all came in the period between 1849 and 1855. But sadly, the people living in California quickly fell into violence, racism, and misogyny. Mexicans, Native Americans, other non-white settlers, and indigenous peoples were persecuted, hunted, and expelled from ...

  • Author : Captivating History
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2021-05-04
  • Pages : 52
the dark side of clean energy and digital technologies

Is the shift to renewable energy and digital devices going to free us from severe pollution, material shortages, and military tensions? Rare metals are essential to electric vehicles, fighter jets, wind turbines, and solar panels, and also to our smartphones, computers, tablets, and other everyday connected objects. But consumers know very little ...

  • Author : Guillaume Pitron
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2021-01-14
  • Pages : 288
Inside the greatest gold discovery in history

Every great gold discovery has a unique element that made it a reality. At Grasberg, miners solved "unbeatable" terrain challenges, accessing a vertical mountain peak to mine one of the world's largest copper - gold deposits. For the Klondike Gold Rush, a prospector shook gold nuggets out of a streamside bush while building a fire to cook his food....

  • Author : Robert Moriarty
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2021-01-11
  • Pages : 282
Une aventure moderne de chercheurs d'or

L’or était là. Des milliards de dollars d’or enfoui, invisible, en pleine taïga, 200 kilomètres à l’est de la baie James. Un complexe minier grand comme un village s’y dresse aujourd’hui, construit au coût de deux milliards de dollars. Auparavant, il n’y avait rien : que des...

  • Author : Hugo Fontaine
  • Language : French
  • Date Published : 2020-12-02
  • Pages : 290
Methods, Best-Practices and Case Studies for Financing Mining Projects

Mining is a capital-intensive industry, and involves long lead times to develop projects that demand a structured approach, from mine exploration to exit. This book provides mine developers, investors, owners, shareholders, and mineral policymakers a comprehensive game plan to raise capital for the development of new mining projects or to bolster o...

  • Author : Michael Seeger
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2020-11-29
  • Pages : 273
How The Wall Street Banks Have Left The Silver Market In Place For The Short-Squeeze Of A Lifetime

Why The Price of Silver Is Set To Explode! Many were stunned to see The Big Short and realize that there were a few savvy traders who saw the subprime crisis in advance, and used that knowledge to make a fortune in the financial markets. Shockingly, a similar situation is playing out in the silver market at this very moment, and The Big Silver Sh...

  • Author : Chris Marcus
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2020-06-22
  • Pages : 346
The War Against Your Wealth and How to Win It

Investment industry veteran E.B. Tucker shows readers the gold market from the inside.This 3-part book breaks gold down into must know sections. 1. Why Gold? – History reveals an ugly pattern of governments spending tomorrow’s hard-earned savings today leaving unknowing savers holding the bag. 2. Why Now? – Recent events foretel...

  • Author : E.B. Tucker
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2020-05-30
  • Pages : 236
Invest In Real Money Today For A Wealthier Future Tomorrow

On January 18, 1980, the price of silver had rocketed upward by 724% in less than a year, from $6 to $50 an ounce. So high in fact, that people formed long lines to cash in their silver at local coin and pawn shops. Ladies were selling their tea sets, families were hocking their silverware and coin collectors were cashing in their collections. As ...

  • Author : John Roberts
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2020-04-20
  • Pages : 153
Mining and Energy Valuation for Investors and Management

An essential, in-depth guide to mining investment analysis Written by a mining investment expert, The Mining Valuation Handbook: Mining and Energy Valuation for Investors and Management is a useful resource. It's designed to be utilized by executives, investors, and financial and mining analysts. The book guides those who need to assess the value a...

  • Author : Victor Rudenno
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2019-09-10
  • Pages : 624
John Mackay and the Battle over the Greatest Riches in the American West

“A monumentally researched biography of one of the nineteenth century’s wealthiest self-made Americans…Well-written and worthwhile” (The Wall Street Journal) it’s the rags-to-riches frontier tale of an Irish immigrant who outwits, outworks, and outmaneuvers thousands of rivals to take control of Nevada’s Comstoc...

  • Author : Gregory Crouch
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2019-06-04
  • Pages : 480
A Thrilling Narrative of Life in the Gold Mines and Camps

“This is the plain story of one who began life in a little township of Vermont about thirty-two years ago, and who, several times during the past two years, has been dangerously near losing it in a search for gold along the glacier-bound coasts of Alaska, in the frozen regions of the Yukon, and in the rich gulches of the Klondike.” Will...

  • Author : William B. Haskell
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2019-02-28
  • Pages : 337
The Idiot's Guide

Trying to make a decent return on your nest egg but don’t know how? Have you avoided putting resource stocks and bonds in your portfolio because you’re unsure how they work? Want to make your money work harder and smarter? Every month, nearly half a million readers count on author Robert Moriarty’s website for key information on r...

  • Author : Robert Moriarty
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2019-02-14
  • Pages : 101
A Gold Miner's Life in Dawson City

Between 1896 and 1899 around 100,000 people migrated to the Klondike region. But why were people so willing to risk everything they had to venture to the freezing and inhospitable conditions of north-western Canada? Men and women from cities across north America made treacherous journeys in the hope of finding a few ounces of one precious materia...

  • Author : Jeremiah Lynch
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2018-08-19
  • Pages : 175
Stocks that Return 100-to-1 and How to Find Them

This book is about 100-baggers. These are stocks that return $100 for every $1 invested. That means a $10,000 investment turns into $1 million. Chris Mayer can help you find them. It sounds like an outrageous quest with a wildly improbable chance of success. But when Mayer studied 100-baggers of the past, definite patterns emerged. In 100-Baggers, ...

  • Author : Christopher W Mayer
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2018-05-22
  • Pages : 224
Butte, Montana and Its Expanding Berkeley Pit

Winner of the Mining History Association Clark Spence Award for the Best Book in Mining History, 2017-2018 Brian James Leech provides a social and environmental history of Butte, Montana’s Berkeley Pit, an open-pit mine which operated from 1955 to 1982. Using oral history interviews and archival finds, The City That Ate Itself explores the l...

  • Author : Brian James Leech
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2018-02-28
  • Pages : 376

In their quest for trading commodities profitably, beginning traders spend a substantial amount of time studying market theory, various types of market analysis, and paper-trading in the futures and options markets. Yet, almost all of them fail to take the necessary steps to ensure their trading environment is conducive for the profits they seek. A...

  • Author : Carley Garner
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2017-10-31
  • Pages : 246
Building a Mining Company, One Stone at a Time

A century ago, a prospector discovered gold at Ontario’s Kirkland Lake and a son was born to British immigrants in Saskatchewan. The boy – Norman Bell Keevil – went on to become a renowned scientist, teacher, and prospector, discovering a small but high-grade copper mine in Ontario. Parlaying that into control of the Kirkland Lake...

  • Author : Norman B. Keevil
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2017-10-09
  • Pages : 496
From Coal Dust to Diamonds, the Adventures of My Life

"Serendipity is the memoir of mining engineer, prospector and Aber Resources founder, Gren Thomas. He spent his childhood and school years in and around the mining town, Morriston, in Wales, and later moved to Canada for work and adventure. He found plenty of both: he worked in challenging remote conditions in the Northwest Territories, participate...

  • Author : Will Peacock
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2017-01-01
  • Pages : 222
How To Buy Gold And Silver Bullion Without Getting Ripped Off!

"Stack Silver Get Gold will become "the bible" for both first time and long time precious metal investors. Tons of useful information and very well written. You have a real winner in this book." -Bill Zielinski (editor of You know buying silver and gold is smart & you're ready to buy gold and silver bullion before the un...

  • Author : Hunter Riley III
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2016-04-06
  • Pages : 130
James Rickards

They say John Maynard Keynes called gold a "barbarous relic." They say there isn’t enough gold to support finance and commerce. They say the gold supply can’t increase fast enough to support world growth. They’re wrong. In this bold manifesto, bestselling author and eco­nomic commentator James Rickards steps forward to def...

  • Author : James Rickards
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2016-04-05
  • Pages : 192
Technological, Economic, and Environmental Implications

Rare Earths elements are composed of 15 chemical elements in the periodic table. Scandium and yttrium have similar properties, with mineral assemblages, and are therefore referred alike in the literature. Although abundant in the planet surface, the Rare Earths are not found in concentrated forms, thus making them economically valued as they are so...

  • Author : Ismar Borges De Lima
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2015-10-06
  • Pages : 434
Protect Your Financial Future

The highly anticipated 2nd edition of the best-selling gold and silver investing book of the century.  Completely revised, with over 100 entirely new pages of content. "Throughout the ages, many things have been used as currency: livestock, grains, spices, shells, beads, and now paper. But only two things have ever been money: gold and silver...

  • Author : Michael Maloney
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2015-09-15
  • Pages : 272
What Gold Companies Do to Get the Shiny Metal into Our Hands

Gold mining is arguably one of the most misunderstood industries in the field of investing. Many investors lack a basic understanding of how gold is produced and have unrealistic expectations about how long it actually takes. They are confused when mining companies encounter hurdles that must be overcome. Some seem to think that starting a mine is ...

  • Author : Mariusz Skonieczny
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2015-09-01
  • Pages : 108
Three Mines, Four Men, and One Hundred Years, 1887-1997

While copper seems less glamorous than gold, it may be far more important. Copper proved vital to the industrial revolution and indispensable for electrification of America. Kennecott Copper Corporation, at one time the largest producer of copper in the world, thus played a key role in economic and industrial development. This book recounts how Ken...

  • Author : Charles Caldwell Hawley
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2015-08-20
  • Pages : 336
Investing Through the Capital Cycle: A Money Manager’s Reports

We live in an age of serial asset bubbles and spectacular busts. Economists, policymakers, central bankers and most people in the financial world have been blindsided by these busts, while investors have lost trillions. Economists argue that bubbles can only be spotted after they burst and that market moves are unpredictable. Yet Marathon Asset Man...

  • Author : Edward Chancellor
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2014-11-25
  • Pages : 225
The Autobiography of the World's Best Mine Finder

When seven-year-old Dave Lowell was camped out at his father’s mine in the hills of southern Arizona in 1935, he knew he had found his calling. “Life couldn’t get any better than this,” he recalls. “I didn’t know what science was, but wisps of scientific thought were already working into my plan.” So began ...

  • Author : J. David Lowell
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2014-10-03
  • Pages : 478
A Complete Guide with a Focus on Mining Stocks

Want to invest in gold and silver, but aren't sure how? How to Invest in Gold and Silver is a practical guide for investors who are new to the emerging gold and silver markets. Written in clear layman's terms, this forward-thinking book is packed with information to help gold and silver investors navigate an exciting, timely and largely unexplored ...

  • Author : Don Durrett
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2014-04-11
  • Pages : 310


The High-Stakes Life of Andrew Forrest

Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest is the public face of Australia's once-in-a-lifetime mining boom. A swashbuckling entrepreneur in the finest West Australian tradition, Twiggy took on mining giants BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto at their own game - and won....

  • Author : Burrell Andrew (
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2013-10-23
  • Pages : 329
Everything you need to know to make money

Have you ever wanted to invest in the junior mining markets but don't know where to start? Or do you want to increase your investing skills? Knowledgeable people can make alot of money in junior gold. In this one-of-a-kind book, Bernie Roseke explains everything you need to know to make money in the junior mining markets. Good for everyone from b...

  • Author : Bernie Roseke
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2013-01-10
  • Pages : 126
hoe bankiers ons financiële systeem opblazen

Hoe bankiers ons financiële systeem opblazen In 2007 schreef Willem Middelkoop in Als de dollar valt dat het niet de vraag was óf ons financiële systeem zou instorten, maar wanneer. Het bleken profetische woorden. Eind 2008 waren we slechts een paar uur verwijderd van de complete ineenstorting van ons wereldwijde kredietkaartenhuis...

  • Author : Willem Middelkoop
  • Language : Dutch
  • Date Published : 2012-11-14
  • Pages : 208
The Rise and Rise of Gina Rinehart

Gina Rinehart is set to become the richest woman in the world - but at what cost? From an early age Gina Rinehart knew she was heir to one of Australia's largest fortunes. Her father, Lang Hancock, loved her dearly and groomed her to take over the company. Then along came Rose, the Filipina housekeeper Lang married in 1985, and the obsessively pri...

  • Author : Debi Marshall
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2012-05-01
  • Pages : 384
verleden, heden en een handleiding voor de toekomst

Goud en zilver trekken tegenwoordig veel aandacht, evenals de euro. Zo goed als het gaat met deze edelmetalen, zo slecht gaat het met ons betaalmiddel. Iedereen heeft het erover en iedereen heeft een mening. Toch weten maar weinigen precies wat geld is en wat goud en zilver hiermee te maken hebben. Niet verwonderlijk. Want zoveel als erover gesprok...

  • Author : Eric Mecking
  • Language : Dutch
  • Date Published : 2011-11-05
  • Pages : 200
Challenge and lessons learned

The book presents the results from the Uranium Mining and Hydrogeology Conference (UMH VI) held in September 2011, in Freiberg, Germany. The following subjects are emphasised: Uranium Mining, Phosphate Mining and Uranium recovery. Cleaning up technologies for water and soil. Analysis and sensor for Uranium and Radon and Modelling....

  • Author : Broder Merkel
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2011-09-30
  • Pages : 868

The mineral exploration and mining industry is a dynamic, diverse and wealth-building sector in which a wide range of people are involved professionally or personally. At the same time, it is an industry based on applied science and technology with a lexicon not widely understood by many of these participants. This book bridges that gap. Mineral E...

  • Author : Robert Stevens
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2011-01-01
  • Pages : 336
The Secret Lives of Marc Rich

Billionaire oil trader Marc Rich for the first time talks at length about his private life (including his expensive divorce from wife Denise); his invention of the spot oil market, which made his fortune and changed the world economy; his lucrative and unpublicized dealings with Ayatollah Khomeini's Iran, Fidel Castro's Cuba, war-ravaged Angola, an...

  • Author : Daniel Ammann
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2010-11-09
  • Pages : 336
The Rise And Rise Of BHP Billiton

The never-before-told story of BHP Billiton's global conquests, told by the key players. BHP is part of Australia's DNA; but it remains an enigma. The Big Fella: The rise and rise of BHP Billiton is the compelling story of how BHP and its partner Billiton rose from the humblest beginnings in the Australian Outback and on the Indonesian island of B...

  • Author : Robert Macklin
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2010-08-02
  • Pages : 544
The History of Newmont Mining Corporation

Jack H. Morris asserts that Newmont is the link between early gold mining and today’s technology-driven industry. We learn how the company’s founder and several early leaders grew up in gold camps and how, in 1917, the company helped finance South Africa’s largest gold company and later owned famous gold mines in California and Co...

  • Author : Jack H. Morris
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2010-06-18
  • Pages : 416
Asia's age of discovery

Renowned investment advisor Marc Faber sets out to find tomorrow s gold the outperforming asset classes of the future. Far from being a sensational reading of the runes, this book delves deep into the past, to chart how old investor trends developed and assess how new patterns might emerge. Change is the thread. As Faber points out, the world is ex...

  • Author : Marc Faber
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2010-03-12
  • Pages : 378
Secrets of Canada's top stock pickers

In these absorbing interviews with twelve of the greatest money managers in Canada, Bob Thompson explores the mechanics and psychology behind the key characteristics that make these managers great. How do the country's top stock pickers make millions of dollars in the markets? That's the question Thompson answers in interviews with these money-maki...

  • Author : Bob Thompson
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2008-10-01
  • Pages : 324
An in-Depth Study of Gold and Mining Shares

In this fully revised, updated and expanded second edition, Michael Coulson gives a masterly overview of the mining sector. He explains both the rewards and the pitfalls of investing in mining shares, provides a study of the history of mining - focusing particularly on the significant booms and busts - looks at the latest, biggest importers such as...

  • Author : Michael Coulson
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2008-08-01
  • Pages : 388

Features proven trading plans and strategies The fun and easy way to purchase and trade metal to strengthen your portfolio Want to join the lucrative precious metals market? This straightforward guide gives you sound advice on trading as well as owning these profitable investments -- from gold, silver, and platinum to uranium, zinc, and copper. Y...

  • Author : Paul Mladjenovic
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2008-01-25
  • Pages : 360
Life, and Business Lessons

This is a mentoring book primarily for the 20-to-40-year-old with entrepreneurial aspirations. Many older folks will also derive considerable inspiration from the life and business lessons contained in Get Smarter. In examining his own life Seymour Schulich, a Canadian billionaire and philanthropist, realized that at age 20 he-like others his age-...

  • Author : Seymour Schulich
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2007-01-01
  • Pages : 304


The Great Molybdenum Bull Market: An Investor's Guide to the Key Companies with Properties Rich in This Strategic Meta

This book is an investors guide to the major companies that have properties rich in molybdenum, a metallic element that has the sixth highest melting point of any element on Earth and an incredibly high resistance to corrosion. Molybdenum's use in the making of steel for aircraft parts and oil and gas pipelines virtually guarantees that the demand ...

  • Author : Michael H. Caldwell
  • Language : English
  • Date Published : 2007-01-01
  • Pages : 304