The Cadia Discovery

When a company drills 102m @ 0.13 g/t Au and 0.40% Cu at a vertical depth of about 500 metres, people will quickly agree: "this will not work - this is low grade". Then why did Newcrest drill another set 

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The Bisha Discovery

In 1995, Nevsun Resources embarked on its exploration journey as a modest $5M VSE-listed company, seeking promising discoveries across Africa. With active projects in Mali and Ghana, coupled 

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The Oyu Tolgoi Discovery

In the early 2000s, Robert Friedland descends from his helicopter, clad in a vibrant red jumper and running shoes. As he embraces the land, he proceeds directly to the Oyu Tolgoi discovery

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The Fruta Del Norte Discovery

The gold mining history of southern Ecuador has deep roots, extending back to a time before the Spanish conquest. The modern exploration of the region faced limitations and interruptions,

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Harry Dobson's mining story

Harry Dobson is a low-profile mining financier with a net worth of close to US$1 billion. Born in 1947 in Lauder, Scotland, Harry Dobson, the offspring of a farmer and businessman,

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The Story of Franco-Nevada

Franco-Nevada Corporation, based in Toronto, is a gold-focused royalty and streaming

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The Fort Knox Gold Hunt

Born in 1858 in Italy, Felice Pedroni became a gold prospector in the Klondike and interior of Alaska. Adopting the name Felix Pedro, he discovered 

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Homestake once called the Richest 100 Sq Miles on Earth

In 1874, General Custer explored the sacred Black Hills, revered by Sioux Native Americans. Unbeknownst to them, gold

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The Discovery that made Newcrest: Cadia

In 1851, the fertile grounds of Cadia yielded a modest discovery of copper and gold, setting in motion a series of events that 

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From discovery to $1 billion takeover within 1 year

In the early 1990s, Thumper Resources found itself in a dormant state on the Vancouver Stock Exchange

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The biggest VMS discovery on the planet

The biggest VMS discovery in history kickstarted a stock market frenzy. In June of 1963, Texas Gulf Sulphur 

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Bob Quartermain's mining story

Born in 1955, Robert Quartermain embarked on a transformative odyssey. Armed with a Master's degree from Queen's University in the late 1970s, Quartermain

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Bill Beament's mining story

Bill Beament created a 1000 bagger for investors with Northern Star Resources (NST). His career began at the young age of 13 when he set his sights on a mining

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Adolf Lundin's mining story

In the early 1980s, the resource investment landscape was evolving, with opportunities and risks intertwined in the oil and mining industries. One name that emerged 

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Richard Warke's mining story

Born in Vancouver in 1960, Richard Warke's life story is a remarkable journey of a versatile entrepreneur who left an indelible mark in the resource 

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Rick Rule's Mining Story

Arthur Richards Rule IV, better known as Rick Rule, born in February 1953, has made a true fortune as a junior mining speculator, establishing himself as a prominent

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Ross Beaty's Mining Story

At the tender age of 30, with limited financial resources for his first venture, Ross Beaty embarked on a remarkable journey that would shape his destiny. With a mere 

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Mark Creasy's mining story

Mark Creasy achieved billionaire status through a combination of prospecting and astute partnerships with junior exploration companies. His journey to wealth is 

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Frank Giustra's mining story

Frank Giustra, a name synonymous with success and influence in the worlds of finance, entertainment, and philanthropy, has charted a remarkable and

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Murray Pezim's mining story

Murray Pezim, a name that echoed through the world of stock promotion, was a man of incredible highs and lows. Born in Toronto in 1920, he started his journey in the stock

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Eric Sprott's mining story

Sprott's journey to success in the financial industry began with a pivotal decision during his days as an accounting student. He borrowed $50,000

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Pierre Lassonde's mining story

When Pierre Lassonde learned that Newmont was looking to divest itself of Franco-Nevada in 2007 - the company he had founded in 1983 and sold in 2001

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Robert Friedland's mining story

Robert Friedland arrived in Vancouver in early 1982 as an obscure figure in the mining industry. He founded Galactic Resources, a penny stock company that went public on the Vancouver Stock

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Rob McEwen's mining story

Rob McEwen's journey began with his childhood fascination for gold, nurtured around the family dinner table where his father, Don McEwen, engaged in discussions about gold investments.

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The Life and Death of Adolf Lundin Written by Jonathan Kandell

One of the world’s most audacious wildcatters, Adolf Lundin embraced high-risk games and politically

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