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Make sure you are aware of the company's financials and share structure. 

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Find out which companies are performing well, and why they stand out to the rest. 

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Find out which companies are financing, and what the funds will be used for. 

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The exploration sector

In the Western world there are about ~1800 publicly listed companies with a market capitalization under $1 billion exploration for precious and base metals. The following statistics are about the last 10 years:


Companies involved in exploration


Spending on exploration 


Significant discoveries (>2Moz AuEq) 

Due diligence process 

1. Financials 

Making a discovery requires a lot of capital. Monitor and filter companies that are cashed up for their exploration efforts. 

2. Stock performance

A discovery is not often made by just drilling a couple of holes. There are often a series of events leading to the discovery hole. Make sure you recognize the factors leading to early stock performance.

3. Compare news

Use the newsroom, filters, and readlist to make sure you are aware of important developments. 

4. Make conclusions

Only make an investment decision after completing your due diligence process.