Who we are

Welcome to GoldDiscovery! My name is Luc ten Have, and I happy to introduce you to our new platform.

After about 10 years of investing on the Amsterdam exchanges, the Pink Sheets stocks, and other risky ways of trying to make a return in my teenage and early adult years, I came accross the junior mining sector.
With a high level of risk appetite, this was the right sector for me.

The year was 2011, and I had no idea that the resource markets were about to enter the worst bear market ever. That's why I got to know the sector the hard way, and in 2015 I realized valuations were so extremely low, I decided to become a bit more aggressive. 

After analyzing hundreds, maybe thousands of companies, I put together a portfolio that was ready for the markets to turn. That finally happened in 2016, and life as a resource investor became a bit easier.

Launch of GoldDiscovery.com 

But rather than relying on the many stock picks that were shared online, I had a focus on data. Born out of frustration with inaccesibility to search and control that data, I started to form a solution that would help mining investors in their due diligence process.

This is how GoldDiscovery.com started, and in October 2022 we launched the first Beta version. Coupled with a new generation of investors and an increased interest in the financial markets, GoldDiscovery is excited to help you get ready for the high risk and volatile resource markets.

How to find successful resource investments?

Understand what the key ingredients are of past resource successes.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. But when you are a resource / discovery investor, you need to be able to recognize what ingredients lead to success of a mining venture. GoldDiscovery.com's goal is to provide mining investors with the best tools to find and monitor the best investments in the mining sector.

Company news

In the junior mining sector investors are served with thousands of news releases per week. How can you really follow that properly, and how do you make sure you read the important ones?


Many companies announce "discoveries", but there are only a few really meaningful discovery per year. Make sure you know which ones to pay attention to.  


Almost every speech given by "a junior mining expert" highlights the importance of "good people". But how to recognize those "good people", especially the ones without a long track record?

GoldDiscovery.com is currently in its Beta testing phase

Rather than spending hundreds of hours collecting data manually like I did in 2015, try the GoldDiscovery platform.

Feel free to reach out to discuss the sector, or if you need some help on the platform!